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Rental Unit Rating Program


In order to encourage adherence to unit quality standards and to provide guests with accommodations meeting or exceeding their expectations, the following evaluation and rating process has been developed for rental program units.

Each unit will be scored annually.  Each item listed in the unit will be scored as it compares to the following key:

3 = New or like new condition.  This score will be given to a unit feature if the item is either obviously five years old or less, or it is in excellent condition and has suffered no wear.

2 = Used without noticeable defects.  This score will be given to a unit feature if the item is obviously older than five years and/or shows some minimal signs of wear (e.g. faded or slightly worn fabric, carpet that is traffic worn, but not stained, torn or discolored, appliances that do not have modern features, but have no other signs of wear (e.g. dials instead of digital controls)).

1 = Broken or obviously worn.  This score will be given to a unit feature if the item is worn beyond its recommended use or inoperable (e.g. torn or stained fabric beyond cleaning or repair, torn or stained curtains beyond cleaning or repair, drapery mechanisms that no longer function and cannot be fixed, pitted faucets, broken or grout deficient tile, stained, torn or traffic worn carpet, furniture missing wheels or other components, appliances with chipped paint and inoperable features).

In addition, certain items in each unit will be considered “key features.”  The quality of each of these items is particularly important to customers.  These items include televisions, appliances, mattress/box springs, bathroom tile and window coverings.  Items in these categories that score a 2 or 1 will be further penalized by a corresponding subtraction from the total score of 0 and –1 respectively.

Alex Puleln PhotographyThe key for these items is as follows:
3 = New or like new condition
0 = Used without noticeable defects
-1 = Broken or obviously worn

The units will receive a score as follows:
1. Once each item in the unit is scored a total possible score will be calculated assuming the unit had scored a 3 on every item.  There are 48 items to score in a one-bedroom unit.  The total possible score for a one bedroom would be 48 X 3 = 144.
2. The unit total will be a sum of all scores the unit receives.  A one-bedroom unit might receive a score of 135.
A percentage will be calculated of total points/ total points possible.  In the one bedroom example, the unit would score 135/144 = 93%.
4. The unit will receive a grade using the following scale:
100 – 90% = A (approximately 75% of items score a 3, 25% score a 2)
89 – 80% = B (approximately 30% of items score a 3, 70% score a 2)
79 – below = C
5. Units scoring below 90% will be considered by Durango Premier Vacation Rentals for further action up to suspension from the rental program.

A Units – These units will be in excellent condition with minimal or trivial defects and a “like new” modern appearance.  “A” units will be given the first priority for reservations and likely receive higher revenues and occupancy percentages than the other two categories.

B Units – These units are still in good condition, but are starting to show signs of wear and dating.  There are a few items in these units that probably need immediate attention and would be noticeable to a customer.  “B” units will not be admitted into the rental program.

C Units – These units have several items in disrepair and it is obvious to the customer.  “C” units will not be admitted into the rental program until they improve the condition of their interiors to an A-rating.