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Homeowner Testimonials


We bought our condo in the fall of 2013 and engaged Keith to manage the property shortly thereafter.  We have not been disappointed.   A real professional, very knowledgeable about the market and provides great customer service.   Takes the worry out of owning a vacation rental.

Andrew Reid

I have been partnering with Keith Brant in the management of my property for over two years now. I appreciate and value his business acumen, responsiveness, customer service orientation, and follow through. He has proven to be a true property management professional in a field of many who try and struggle. His commission is reasonable considering the value he brings to the table. I would recommend Keith Brant and would be happy to take any calls from those considering employing his services.

David Schomaker Cascade Creek Townhome

Keith Brant is an excellent property manager. One thing that impressed me is his ability to connect with prospective renters. He answers the phone. And he answers all the clients’ inquiries immediately. This saves a lot of frustration for all of us.

Kate McLeod Lake Purgatory Home

We brought Keith and his team on board to manage our property this past ski season. What a breath of fresh air! Keith is very professional, accessible, does what he says he’ll do and our condo finally made it through the winter without damage we have to repair. Wish we’d been with Keith long before now!

Todd & Sari Moore

Keith has done an OUTSTANDING job managing our single family home, going out of his way to take care of our guest’s needs and our own. He conducts business with the highest level of integrity and courtesy, and we counted on him to proactively communicate ideas that made our rental property more attractive to tenants, steadily increasing our rental income. Keith is simply the best there is when to comes to professional, down-to-earth property management!!

Bruce Mazer – Engineer Village

Keith is awesome!!!!  My unit has been rented solid for two months, I have made 10X the revenue that I made last summer (with another rental company), and he is charging me a lower % of the revenue for managing the unit!!!!! I am actually seeing what the potential of my unit really is.  Hands down, best manager that I have ever dealt with.

Nathan Alidina – Kendall

I have worked with Keith for the past two years.  In that time, he has simply taken care of business.  Keith is very focused on taking good care of homeowners and guests.  He truly understands the hospitality industry, I would strongly recommend him.

Mike Burns

I have had three different property managers and VRBO self managed. Keith has been the very best manager. Everything is done just as he promised. He knows what he’s doing.

Mark Robertson

We have been delighted with the service Keith has provided in managing our Durango property. He is efficient and professional. We strongly recommend his services to others.

Steve Tracy – Cascade Village Condo

Premier Vacation Rental Group has exceeded my expectations and revenue projections for my downtown Denver condo. I love that I can travel with peace of mind, knowing that my property is in great hands with expert management, thorough cleaning services, and happy guests! The Premier Vacation Rental staff is very responsive and so helpful, ensuring that guests have all they need and my property is well cared for.
I couldn’t be more pleased with their services for my home and always turn to them to book our vacations in Durango, Ouray, and Moab with the properties they manage there. The level of service is consistent with top-notch quality, and we know we will always have a great experience with this Group.

Christina Rinderle

I’d like to take this opportunity to recommend Brian Scarpella with Vail Premier Vacation Services as a Property Manager and Marketing / Sales Manager for our Beaver Creek, CO condominium.

We changed property management services at the end of this last ski season to Brian’s company after having been with the same property management services for 4 years.

The service and attention to detail provided by Brian is excellent and far superior to our previous experience. Brian brings years of experience to the table and is knowledgeable about rental property management.

He is responsive and prompt to reply to any queries or concerns I’ve had, and is pleasant, personable and customer oriented.

On a business level, his company works with pricing models that have worked extremely well for us. We have earned more net profit in the last 5 months than in any 5 month period previously. Brian is also flexible about adjusting pricing as needed to ensure that pricing is competitive but not at the cost of losing revenue. Or having the opposite situation of extreme wear and tear due to not vetting potential renters properly.

The Damage Waiver program he provides is excellent and protects the owners.

And last but not least, his commission rate is fair and reasonable.

To summarize, my husband I highly recommend Brian Scarpella as a property manager. He is a pleasure to work with, gets the job done properly and promptly; and we are earning more money and profit than ever before.

Mrs. Biruta Siepman Vail Area Market

We contracted with Ouray Premier Vacation Rentals to manage our vacation rental in Ouray, Colorado.  Their service has far exceeded our expectations in terms of occupancy rates, customer service, and overall attention to detail.  Their involvement has helped us to regain valuable time while also feeling at ease with how things are being handled at our vacation rental, and our guests have already submitted a number of glowing reviews about the property.  We are incredibly grateful that we found such a professional and well-run property management service!

Anthony Disser


I have been a real estate investor for over 30 years. Keith Brant is by far the best property manager I have worked with. Keith is proactive, responsible, and resourceful in resolving issues arising with tenants at all times. You will be DELIGHTED by the service and peace of mind knowing Keith and his team take better care of your properties that you might!

Lisa Thomas Vratanina Cantilever Lodge Durango CO

My wife and I could not be happier with Keith and Premier Vacation Rentals. We live on the east coast and Keith and his team take care of everything we need to manage our property in Durango. We are extremely happy with the bookings on our calendar and have received nothing but compliments from our guests with every interaction with Keith. This is our first vacation property rental and Keith took the time to walk us through every aspect of the process. This includes providing valuable feedback and suggestions for what we can do to improve our bookings and guest satisfaction. Keith gives us great comfort that our home away from home is in great hands as he helps manage any repairs or guest’s needs immediately. I highly recommend Keith and welcome any questions from prospective homeowners

James Whiting Cascade Village Condo

Keith Brant is amazing. He took charge of our property and in one month turned it into a winner. His marketing and attention to detail allow us to feel comfortable knowing that someone capable is completely in charge of our property, which is important since we live in London.

Marina Angelton – Dalton Ranch

We are proud to say that we were among Keith’s first management clients, and we have never looked back. We were despairing at the minimal results from our prior managers, but Keith changed everything. He is energetic, creative and tirelessly responsive. And he gets results. We have and will continue to recommend Keith and his team. Thanks!

Marty Levy & Joel Feinberg

BEST Property Management I have experienced after over 30 years of having rental property. If you want:
1. Excellent record-keeping
2. Prompt response time
3. Top-notch communication
4. Personal touch with all renters.
5. Treating your property like it is their own property
6. Consistent bookings
Use Keith and Chris and Premier Vacation Rentals! I LOVE this company

Durango Premier Vacation Rentals has been a pleasure to work with. We signed on with them in January 2015 and couldn’t be happier.  Keith has leased our unit 24 times in a 4 month period, while our previous manager leased it only 13 times in a 12 month period!!  We are definitely glad we signed with Durango Premier Vacation Rentals and Keith.

Kirk and Diane Dickson

I am happy to say that Keith has done an excellent job for us. He has been managing our property for over a year and we have been very pleased. He is very responsive to my requests, and is building repeat clients for our unit.

Patricia Pickett – Slopeside Eolus Penthouse

Keith has been fantastic!  They deliver prompt and professional service, over 3x the occupancy rate of our previous management company in all seasons.  Pricing is fair and overhead costs are minimal.  I should have switched 3 years ago.

John and Lisa Rodriguez – Peregrine Point

A few years back I was referred to Keith as a good source to oversee the rental of my home at 10 Quarry Ct. It turned out to be a prosperous referral. Keith consistently was able to rent out my home which helped out with the monthly costs. If there was ever an issue with a renter Keith resolved the situation and took care of any repairs or complaints. I had few worries to deal with which was comforting since I live out of state. I would highly recommend Keith’s services to any homeowner in the Durango area. Thank you Keith.

Matt Hobaica

Premier Vacation Rentals has been handling our property for the last three years while we were living overseas. We can honestly say that while we were away, Premier Vacation Rentals took fantastic care of us and our home. We never had to worry about a thing! The house was always taken care of and Premier Vacation Rentals always took care of any issues that may have raised. We would give Premier Vacation Rentals 5 out of 5 stars if there was a rating!

Peter and Kelly Cunnion Durango, CO

5 Star Service!! We have been working with Premier Vacation Rentals for over a year and a half now. This was the best decision we could have made when deciding to use our second home as a vacation rental. They provide a true turnkey operation. Premier Vacation Rentals is very responsive to not only our guests but also to the homeowners. They are well organized and takes great pride in their work. I would highly recommend them to anyone that is thinking about doing a vacation rental. Thanks Premier Vacation Rentals for all you do!!

Charlene McNeil South Dalton Ranch

When I purchased my condo in Alpenglow, I asked around for a recommendation for a property manager. The results were unanimous, “Call Keith Brant.” And I’m so glad I did. We’re going on our third year now, and I couldn’t be happier with the rental performance, and with the reviews from our guests. Anytime that I have a question or concern for Keith, he gets back to me literally within minutes, and things are always well taken care of. I have concluded that he never sleeps!

Hal DeHoff Alpenglow 10 townhome owner

Keith became our property manager this past Spring. I cannot say enough about his incredible level of attention toward managing our property. He is always available via phone or e-mail and responds to our inquiries in a timely and efficient manner. Since Keith has taken control of our rental market, our revenue has doubled in just a few short months. If you are in search of a property manager that possesses a level of attention above all others, then look no further than Keith Brant…you will be thoroughly pleased with his courteous professional approach. It would be my pleasure to field any calls regarding employing his services.

John White – Alpenglow Townhome

Keith and his team have taken excellent care of my property; very attentive to the needs of the clients, quick with financial results and fair with their pricing.  I would highly recommend their services.

Robert Godwin – Purgatory Lodge

Keith ROCKS! This is too short a space to say all I would like to say. I tried to be my own manager and also tried another management company for a year prior to doing business with Keith. I fired myself and the other company. Keith surpasses all expectations I have for managing my property and he keeps the clients coming. It’s been over a year since I’ve signed with Keith and my place is rented for the next 6 months. I’m very happy.

Jill Jones

I have been very pleased with the performance of Keith Brant as my property manager. He is trustworthy, fair, detailed and very effective in renting properties. I would recommend him to anyone.

Rose Drake – Cascade Creek Townhome and Cascade Village Condo

Michelle and I switched to Keith and Premier Vacation Rentals in the summer of 2016, and we have been extremely happy with the services provided. They are effective at renting the property and their pricing is very reasonable. More importantly, they are extremely responsive and communicate very well. They’ve taken wonderful care of the house. I would recommend them wholeheartedly and we wish we had switched years ago. Highest marks!

Jeff and Michelle Sanders Lake Purgatory

Keith has been managing our home for just about a year now and we couldn’t be happier. Not only are bookings up about 35% from our previous management company, his business approach allows us to be completely hands off. What else could you ask for! Keith’s responsiveness via email or calls is amazing and makes all the difference when questions do arise. I can recommend Keith without hesitation.

Michael LaForest

With Keith Brant, I know our condo is in good hands.
He is always available and always attentive to details. He runs a tight ship.
Thank you Keith.

Sam & Peg Sayegh Peregrine Point, Purgatory